PSPG 219 Pharmacokinetics (2016)

Module: 3
Sponsoring Program: PSPG
Administrator: Rebecca Brown

Course Number: PSPG 219
Course Name: Pharmacokinetics
Units: 3
Grading Option: S/U
Course Director: Les Benet

Additional Course Director(s): Kathy Giacomini, Deanna Kroetz
Room Number: Meeting rooms are as followed:
May 9th,  Parnassus, N-527
May 11th,  Parnassus, S-170
May 12th,  Parnassus, N-517
May 13th,  Parnassus, N-527
May 13th,  Parnassus, N-527
May 16th,  Mission Bay, S-261
May 18th,  Mission Bay, S-261
May 19th,  Parnassus, N-517
May 20th,  Parnassus, N-527
May 23rd,  Mission Bay, S-261
May 25th,  Parnassus, S-170
May 26th,  Mission Bay, S-261
May 27th,  Mission Bay, S-261
Campus: Parnassus & MIssion Bay
Schedule: May 9-27, 2016; M,W,TH,F 9:00 AM-Noon (no class on Tuesdays)
Prerequisites: None
Maximum Class Size: 25

Course Description: This course is meant to introduce students to the concepts of drug absorption, drug distribution and clearance, concentration-time relationships following various routes of administration, and pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic models.   Lectures are structured to encourage active learning.  Workshops will be problem-based and you will work individually and in groups.
Location will be at both Parnassus and Mission Bay depending upon instructor