DSCB 270 Developmental Biology of Single Cells (2016)

Module: 2
Sponsoring Program: DSCB
Administrator: Demian Sainz

Course Number: DSCB 270
Course Name: Developmental Biology of Single Cells
Units: 3
Grading Option: S/U
Course Director: Wallace Marshall

Additional Course Director(s):
Room Number: TBA
Campus: Parnassus
Schedule: April 18-29, 2016; M-F, 11am-1pm
Maximum Class Size: 9

Course Description: Although we often think of cells as small, simple building blocks used to construct more complex organisms, in fact cells are complex and beautiful structures in their own right, with complex dynamic geometries.   Cells undergo morphogenesis and pattern formation just like embryos, and face many of the same challenges that embryos face in terms of patterning spatial structures.   In this minicourse we will explore efforts to understand the morphogenesis of individual cells using concepts drawn from developmental biology.   This will be an intensive literature based course that will cover papers spanning over a century of research and a wide range of biodiversity.   Concepts of particular interest will include the role of multicellularity in development, morphogenesis and regeneration in single cells, and self-organization.