CCB 219 Introduction to drug discovery (2017)

Module: 1 & 2
Sponsoring Program: CCB
Administrator: Julia Molla

Course Number: CCB 219
Course Name: Introduction to drug discovery
Units: 3
Grading Option: S/U
Course Director: Michelle Arkin

Additional Course Director(s): Adam Renslo
Room Number: BH-215
Campus: MIssion Bay
Schedule: April 10 - May 12, 2017; M & W 1:00-4:00 PM
Prerequisites: None
Maximum Class Size:15

Course Description: (Counts as 2 for BBC students) This course discusses the stages of drug discovery and development, from target selection to post-FDA acceptance.  The format will include lectures by course directors Adam Renslo and Michelle Arkin and guests, small-group ‘labs’ focused on data analysis, and literature discussions. Also listed for PharmD as PC 152. Runs for five weeks.