BMS 270 Neuro-Oncology (2017)

Module: 2
Sponsoring Program: BMS
Administrator:Ned Molyneaux

Course Number: BMS 270
Course Name: Neuro-Oncology
Units: 3
Grading Option: S/U
Course Director:Claudia Petritsch

Additional Course Director(s):
Room Number: MH-2105
Campus: Mission Bay
Schedule: April 24-May 12, 2017; MWTh 2:00-4:15 PM
Prerequisites: None
Maximum Class Size:12

Course Description: Faculty experts will discuss their specific approach to the study and/or treatment of brain tumors. The lectures span clinical, preclinical and basic research approaches. This course will offer unique perspectives on the enormous progress in the brain tumor field and the opportunities and challenges that arise from it.  Topics include: Surgical Neuro-Oncology/Functional Mapping, Clinical Neuro-Oncology, Tumor Heterogeneity, Genomics and Epigenomics of Tumor Evolution, Tumor Metabolism, Brain Tumor Origin and Stem Cells, Brain Tumor Microenvironment and Preclinical Models and Therapeutic Testing.  The first hour of each meeting involves an overview lecture presentation by a faculty member, and the second hour of each meeting involves a “journal club” style presentation of a manuscript related to the faculty member’s lecture.  Manuscripts for journal club presentation will be selected by participating faculty members, and each student will have one journal club presentation responsibility during the course. Journal club presentations should be student-led and papers will be discussed as a group.