BMI 219 Deep Learning for Biological Research: Advanced Topics (2021)

Module: 3
Sponsoring Program: BMI
Administrator: Julia Molla

Course Number: BMI 219
Course Name: Special Topics
Units: 3
Grading Option: S/U
Course Director: Mike Keiser

Co-Director: Reza-Abbasi-Asl and Rima Arnaout
Other faculty: Luca Ponzoni
Dates: May 10 - May 28
Schedule: MWF 10:00 - 12:00 PM with recitations on T/Th 1:00 - 3:00 PM
Maximum Class Size: 20

Course Description: This three-week mini-course will establish the foundations of practical deep learning through a hands-on approach in Python. We will cover the basics of regression and classification, the optimization and training of neural networks, and model architectures including autoencoders, convolutional neural networks, and recurrent neural networks. The primary goal of this course is to equip students with the necessary foundations to apply basic neural networks to their own research. Experience with numerical computation in Python is required (or permission from the Instructor).