PSPG 219 Principles of Pharmacology

Module: 1
Sponsoring Program: PSPG
Administrator: Julia Molla/Rebecca Brown

Course Number: PSPG 219
Course Name: Principles of Pharmacology
Units: 3
Grading Option: S/U
Course Director: Kathy Giacomini

Additional Course Director(s):
Room Number: BH 215
Campus: Mission Bay
Schedule: M-F 9-12
Maximum Class Size: 20

Course Description: This course represents a directed reading course with discussions of relevant textbook chapters and papers in pharmacology.  It is not intended to provide in depth information on pharmacology; rather its purpose is to acquaint students with some select fundamental principles of pharmacology and an understanding of some of the pharmacologic actions of major classes of drug.  For each day, the students will be assigned one or more chapters in Katzung, Masters and Trevor: Basic and Clinical Pharmacology (see ) and relevant papers to read.