DSCB 270 Single-cell genomics and transcriptomics

Module: 1
Sponsoring Program: DSCB
Administrator: Janis Herbert

Course Number: DSCB 270
Course Name: Single-cell genomics and transcriptomics
Units: 3
Grading Option: S/U
Course Director: Aaron Diaz

Additional Course Director(s):
Room Number: BH-209
Campus: Mission Bay
Schedule: March 30-April 17;  Days Mon, Wed, Fri;  Time: 4:00 p.m.- 6:00 p.m.
Prerequisites: none
Maximum Class Size: 12

Course Description: This course will cover single-cell genomics and transcriptomics methodology and applications. The methodology component will include experimental design, cell capture/library preparation, sequencing, quality control/preprocessing and downstream bioinformatics analysis. In the applications component we will study modeling relevant biological phenomenon, such as lineage commitment and tumor evolution. An emphasis of the course will be approaches assessing sample heterogeneity and cell classification.