BMI 219 Molecular Animation

Module: 3
Sponsoring Program: BBC
Administrator: Julia Molla/Rebecca Brown

Course Number: BMI 219
Course Name: Molecular Animation
Units: 3
Grading Option: S/U
Course Director: Graham Johnson (Shawn Douglas for study list)

Additional Course Director(s):
Room Number: BH 215
Campus: Mission Bay
Schedule: M-F 1-3pm
Maximum Class Size: 12

Course Description: This workshop will overview and teach three related software projects via a collection of hands-on tutorials. Participants will:
1.   learn principles of effective visual communication
2.   learn the tools of digital visualization (3D animation software, Photoshop, Illustrator, and compositing software)
3.   learn esthetic best methods that include composition, modeling, texturing, lighting and effects
4.   create a collection of professional quality molecular visualizations (images and movies that will overview the entire production process from script development and storyboarding to rendering and compositing)
More details will be posted on a UCSF workshop page in February.