BMI 219 Inference and imputation in evolutionary and human genetics

Module: 2
Sponsoring Program: BBC
Administrator: Julia Molla/Rebecca Brown

Course Number: BMI 219
Course Name: Inference and imputation in evolutionary and human genetics
Units: 3
Grading Option: S/U
Course Director: Jeff Wall

Additional Course Director(s):
Room Number: BH 211
Campus: Mission Bay
Schedule: 1-3pm M-W-F
Maximum Class Size: 15

Course Description: An important component of modern genetics is the ability to make inferences about unknown parameters or to make educated guesses about missing data.  This mini-course will focus on the computational and statistical methods used for inference and imputation in genetics (e.g., maximum likelihood, approximate Bayesian computation, Markov chain Monte Carlo, hidden Markov models), as well as the applications of these methods in human and evolutionary genetics (e.g., estimating demographic parameters, inferring haplotypic phase, genotype imputation).  Each class will be a combination of lectures on a specific topic and discussion of one or more representative papers on the topic.